Whitney: Neglect and Father’s Finances Essay

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Whitney Kerns
Week 4 Assignment 2: Criminal Neglect
Family Violence CRJ 4004
Instructor Stacey Haug
South University Online

Criminal Neglect is putting someone else in risk of hurting them or of killing them recklessly without being careful. Self-neglect is when you intentionally harm yourself and do not care for yourself and the needs you do to help yourself such as; eating, showering, clothes, medical attentions, dental hygiene, etc. Criminal neglect and self-neglect are similar because they are both a form of neglect and they are also hurtful in certain ways. It is hurting either yourself or others, in a way both forms of neglect is hurting yourself in some way or another. Criminal neglect and self-neglect are different because criminal neglect is an intentional form of behavior that is purposely harming someone else. Self-neglect is an intentional form of behavior that is purposely harming you. Based on this case, Terri should be charged with “with financial exploitation and criminal neglect resulting in death” because she was supposed to go and check on her father and help him with all of his finances and help him out around the house and make sure he had what he needed but she did not. No matter if she said that “she thought she was only supposed to go check on him every two to four weeks”, she knew her father was becoming very forgetful. She also knew she should go check on him more frequently but she never did. Another one of Terri’s responsibilities were to pay his bills for him but there was financial evidence proving that his bills were not being paid for several months, and that should be Terri’s fault because that was part of her “help” for her father. The type of investigators that should be called in to help build a solid case are the coroner, someone from the father’s bank, the police officers who showed up at the house, etc. Many people should be involved with investigating this case because there is a lot