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Adam Kapasi 9G Thursday, September 11,2014.

Assignment- WHMIS Labels

Name of Product Containing Label
Primary Use of the Product
Dangers Involved with Use According to WHMIS Label
Suggested Precaution
Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner

- Primary use is to clean shower tiles
Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner can be Explosive if Heated or Punctured.
- Do not heat or puncture container.
Scotch Gard Protector Furniture Fabric

- Protect furniture fabric
Scotch Gard Protector Furniture Fabric is Explosive.

- Keep away from open flame/ heat source and avoid contact with eyes and skin.
La Roche-Posay

- Thermal Skin Water to moisturize the skin/face
La Roche-Posay is Explosive.

- Do not heat container as it may explode
Gillette Fusion

- Used to shave your moustache/ body hair
Gillette Fusion is Explosive

- Keep away from hot water or open flames. Do not puncture.
Mineral Spirits

- Used as a thinner for oil varnish and oil-based paints.
Mineral Spirits is Poisonous.
- Do not swallow. Keep away from open flames or sparks. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

- Used to thin Paints (Paint thinner)
Varsol is very Poisonous to humans.
- Do not swallow, get into eyes and avoid skin contact. Keep away from flames.
Motomaster prefixed antifreeze

- Prevents freeze-ups and boil-overs.
- Engine Metal Protection
- Motomaster prefixed antifreeze is Poisonous.

- Do not swallow, breathe in fumes and keep out of reach of children

Tung Oil

- Beautifies and Protects Dry Wood Surfaces
Tung Oil is very Poisonous

- Do not swallow; get into eyes, skin or clothing. Do not breathe in fumes and keep away from children.
Ultra Protector

- Shines and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic
Ultra Protector is Poisonous

- Keep way from flames or sparks. Do not swallow and do not get into eyes or on skin
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

- Used to clean dirt and stains from the toilet bowl
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner is Corrosive to eyes and skin.
- Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes. Do not breathe in vapor.

Drano MAX GEL Drain Clog Remover

- Used to remove clogs from drains
Drano MAX GEL Drain Clog Remover is Corrosive.
- Do not swallow; get into eyes, on skin and on clothing. Do not breathe in fumes.

- Used to remove stains from clothes and tiles.
Bleach is Corrosive, as it will deteriorate skin.
- Do not swallow and avoid all contact with eyes, skin and clothing (if possible). Do not inhale vapors.

- Used to darken skin tone (make-up).
Airflash is Extremely Flammable
- Avoid spraying in eyes. Do not puncture. Keep away from an open flame and no smoking this product.
Nail Polish Remover

Primarily used to remove nail polish from your hand or toenails.
Nail polish Remover is extremely Flammable when heated.
- Keep away from heat or open flames. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach from children.
Nail Polish

- Its primary function is to paint nails to make them look nicer.
Nail Polish is Flammable when heated

- Keep away from eyes and do not inhale vapor. Keep away from Flames and skin.
Hand sanitizer

- Used to clean and kill bacteria off body parts (hands)
Hand sanitizer is quick to catch fire when heated (Flammable)
- Keep away from Open flames or sparks, as it is Flammable.
Lysol Disinfectant

- Used to kill Viruses, germs, mold, mildew and eliminate odours.
Lysol Disinfectant is Explosive and Flammable.
- Keep away from open flame/ any heat source and do not puncture

Rubbing Alcohol Compound

- Used to treat wounds, cuts, bruises, sprains and muscle aches
Rubbing Alcohol is Poisonous and Flammable.
- Keep away…