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Who Am I

Who am I? I am a person, in physical existence. I have a body; within my body is a soul. A soul that is significantly different from my body. My thoughts, feeling, dreams, mind and relationships are all governed by my soul. My soul is my foundation for my beliefs, attitude, behavior, character and destiny. My physical body is what brings me into existence it gives me an identity. My body and soul work hand- in –hand and help my carry out who I am. The philosopher that best supports who I am is René Descartes. In the reading, “ Of the Real Distinction between Mind and Body,” he says “ There is a great difference between mind and body. For by its nature, a body is always divisible, while mind is entirely indivisible.” This makes sense to me, because our mind (soul) and body are two very different things. Every person has a body and soul, yet every person is soul is different than one another’s. If everyone had a soul that was the same as one another’s, then everyone in this world would be the same. There would be no distinction between views, thoughts, or beliefs. Descartes also states “ But in order to understand all these things more perfectly, we must know that the soul is really joined to the whole body, and that we cannot properly speaking, say that is exists in any other of its parts to the exclusion of others.” When Descartes says this he supports my idea that the body and soul work hand-in- hand with one another to carry out who I am. A person cannot