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Who Am I I am a mother who is curious, classy, and witty. I hope to be respected by others and I want to better myself. A mother is defined as a female parent, one that is loving, kind, and caring towards her children. I consider myself a loving mother. Loving isn’t all hugs and kisses. Loving is also discipline. As a mother, I am a strong believer in not giving my children everything they ask for. They should have to work for things. This has taught my children to respect the things they have. As a mother, I have encouraged them to do their best, to have good character and strong will. I have been blessed with two amazing children. I had my first child when I was 19 years old. My stubborn, gregarious little boy has grown and become a tall, handsome young man with great maturity and strong moral values. My second child was born when I was 21. She was a quiet, artistic little princess who is now a spunky pre-teen with an amazing love for animals and architecture. The age difference of two years is quite common among siblings. My children, however, through no planning on our part, where born on the same day two years apart. I love being a mother and I am excited that my children and I share similar traits. We are curious to the things that surround us. I am curious. I love to know what is going on around me. I enjoy listening to the police scanner. I get excited when police cars and fire trucks go whizzing by my house. Some people misunderstand my fascination with this and think that I wish harm on others. I am thankful to hear over the scanner when there are no injuries or that it was a false alarm. It is comforting for me to hear the workers come together at difficult times and work through to resolve the situation. I am curious about how things work. In my spare time, I like to watch television shows like “How It’s Made” and “How’d They Do It”. I am intrigued with the interworking’s of electronics and other similar technology. It has been said on many occasions that I over think the simplest of things. This must be due to my inquisitive nature. There have been times after having been asked a question that I know the answer to, that I say to myself “that was easy, maybe I’m wrong, let’s think about this more”, instead of simply answering the question. That way of thinking has been with me for years as a part of my background.
I am a classy young woman. It was instilled in me to always give my best effort. I have always tried to provide the most truthful and correct answers to any questions. I was raised to have class. My parents taught me at a young age to have and show respect for others. I was educated in what good moral character is. Being classy is harder to do in this day and age. There are so many people that are constantly insulting, gossiping, and lying to others. It saddens me to hear about all of the bullying and foolishness that we are surrounded by. When I speak with someone, I show a genuine interest in what they have to say. I try to make eye contact and show empathy in discouraging situations. Being classy does not mean being what someone else wants you to be. Be yourself. I pride myself on not being fake. I am assertive but do not pick fights. I am not afraid to ask for help but I try to figure things out for my self. A little class goes a long way in a relationship and makes people remember you for good reasons.
I like to consider myself witty. Some people may think that you cannot be classy and be witty. I beg to differ. Most often, a witty person is described as someone that gives an insulting comeback. To be witty, you do not have to insult. It is quite simply being able to reply in an amazing clever way. I enjoy being able to give a witty comeback after I have been involved in a conversation. There is a limit. I think that being witty shows the person you are conversing with that you are truly listening to what they are saying. Being sarcastic and witty too often has resulted in some dirty