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Who am i?
Written by Francesca Corso
Everyone has his or her own story. A story that has built children into the men and women they are today. Even though I am only eighteen years old, I am following a path that is slowly guiding me into the woman I will soon become.
Now, where can I start? I grew up in a small town in Mexico where I was brought up by my mother and father with a proper education compared to the masses of children who live in underdeveloped countries. I had a great childhood. Enjoying the beach after school, watching the star bright sky at night and breathing in the riches of Latin culture. My parents made it possible for me to not only appreciate the beauty and wealth of our surroundings but also the joy of living simply while being grateful for the health and luck we had compared to others. One weekend a month, I looked forward to spend the night at my nannies house. She used to live in a shantytown where the beddings where hand made and the bathroom was shared amongst the neighbors. I remember being woken up in the mornings by the rooster’s crow and the squealing of the pigs. I also remember being warned every time not to waste water and food. Although these people might of had little material-wise, they had the most in love and laughter and common sense than anyone I have ever met. Its like if they where content by living with only music, color and their families. This, all to say, that from a very young age, I learned how to appreciate both sides of the track: the richest and the poorest. I was equally happy in both environments and it made me the young lady who is open to new experiences that I am today.
Who am I amongst others? A respectful citizen?, A student looking for her passion?, A good friend, a loving daughter and girlfriend? All of these are important parts me at the moment because they all play different roles everyday. I might not know a lot about who I am in the big picture but I know what my obligations and my responsibilities are whether