Who Are We Huntington Summary

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When describing the American identity, Huntington, author of Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity, challenges the notion that “America is a nation of immigrants.” He argues that that the British settlers came to establish a new society and in doing so created the foundation of American culture. Everyone who followed the settlers were immigrants but they adopted the Protestant culture that the British had created. In 1960 Huntington argued that American identify had begun to erode because of the Cold War and Globalization. Huntington places high importance on a number of provision that were passed that further threatened American identity. It was during this time that Mexican Immigration became more common and in Huntington's view lead to the “Hispanization” of …show more content…
If this continues, he argues it will divide the country into bifurcated areas, changing our politics and our social arenas. Many critiques have fought against this book, especially in response to some of his more targeted statement about Mexicans. However, in 2004, when this book came out, Huntington predicted that with the rise immigrants and the continual divide that they created, white American men would in response gain a stronger voice. In the most recent election immigration was a major topic and Huntington seems to have had accurate predictions, President Elect Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall to keep Latin American immigrants out of the US.at he write about. Although he comes off as biased and someone of what he says can be uncomfortable it important to recognize the ways in which Huntington has been right and the ways in which he has been wrong, so that we can better predict the future of American culture and society. His views all stem from the idea that it is more desirable to have a single united culture then one that is