My Philosophy Of Education

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Jae Lee
COM 101 – ND
Education has had a major impact on my life but before I get to that, let me start off by giving a brief introduction of myself. My full name is Jae Hyun Lee but I like to be called Jae. My family came here from Korea when I was 2 years old. Having grown up in Queens almost my whole life, I developed a “New York” lifestyle where the tempo of everything I do is fast paced. I used to not be able to communicate well with people who I am unfamiliar with but that has gotten better through the years as I got comfortable speaking to whomever.
My overall education experience has felt like a developing relationship between a girl and a boy. In the beginning, I had no desire for education but as time grew, I found a motivation for success and that has played a major role in my life. Another key part that played a big role were my teachers/professors. The ability of how well the teacher or professor can communicate with students normally judges the grades I receive, but luckily I have ran into many professors with great communication skills.
One of my biggest weaknesses is the ability to not communicate well during certain situations. Sometimes what I am thinking in my head does not translate to how I want it to come out. Also when I try to explain or describe something in detail to try to sound very professional, the right words just would not seem to come out.
Having to transfer to Baruch College next semester in the accounting major, I will have to go