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Who can be an entrepreneur? Who can’t?
By: Jazmine Soto
January 20, 2014

Who can be entrepreneur? Who Can’t? An entrepreneur is not suited for everyone. Therefore, a person who lacks leadership skills can’t be an entrepreneur. If you can’t lead oneself to stay motivated with the business, then chances are you will fail to lead your business or employees towards succeed. A person who enjoys a daily routine or a schedule with a steady paycheck is not qualified to be an entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur is someone who is motivated, focused, determined, and willing to work. Someone who is willing to risk almost everything to get where they want to be. This person should be self – motivated because ultimately that person is on their own, using their own money, time, and energy because starting a business is an ultra-marathon. “You have to be able to live with uncertainty and push through a crucible of obstacles for years on end.” Not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur, there are several traits one should have in order to be great and successful. Tenacity is very important because a person should be able to deal with failure. Understanding and accepting failure, will help a person to find the energy and motivation within themselves to continue. An entrepreneur should be understandable that money will not always come in, but still willing to take a risk. “It's commonly assumed that successful entrepreneurs are driven by money. But most will tell you they are fueled by a passion for their product or service, by the opportunity to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper.” Tolerance of ambiguity is very important. Willing to fight and face fears. Dealing with critics, humiliation, losing money, bankruptcy, and etc. Basically, the ability to withstand the fear of uncertainty and potential failure. “One of the defining traits of entrepreneurship is the ability to spot an opportunity and imagine something where others haven't. Entrepreneurs imagine another world and have the ability to communicate that vision effectively to investors, customers and staff.” According to entrepreneur Eldad Matityahu, “we see the future before the future plays out and you have to be several steps ahead of the market." Self – Belief and leadership qualities is important to have as an entrepreneur. Being conservative and very confident that the business will provide the best service that the public would need, with great leadership skills will make the business very successful. A…