Who Can be an Entrepreneur? Essay

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1. Image café 1-4
2. Lakota Hills 5-8
3. Roxanne Quimby 9-11
4. Overview on the 3 case studies 11
4.1. Literature Study 11-12
4.2. Own experience 13
5. Roxanne Quimby - Risks, Rewards and Trade-offs 14-17
6. Analyse and Assess Lakota Hills opportunity 18-21
7. Discussion on Bootstrapping Resources 22
8. References 23

1. Image café
1.1 Who can be an entrepreneur?
In this case study it is evident that a person with entrepreneurial characteristics and work habits can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can be anybody, situated anywhere irrespective, gender, race or creed. They are people who possess multi-faceted skills and
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He was driven and his passion just escalated. 1.6. Strengths and weaknesses that could influence the success of the venture Strengths
• diversity of skills and knowledge
• good idea generation capacity
• he was keen on knowledge gain –enrolled at a university • driven
• the product was flexible and versatile
• competitively priced
• easily accessible and user friendly.
• He secured angel investors
• Family support
• Angel investors interested in his business pitch
• Strong media attention
• Secured a big customer (Mindsprings) who committed to the product • Successful product launch
• Created a shopping experience for their customers
• He saw a niche in the market and linked with an established business for potential growth (Network Solutions) Weakness
• Lack of focus and dedication to a specific goal.
• He wasn’t well informed about the service industry market • Due to his lack of financial knowledge his finances depleted steadily due to inconsistent funding Threats
• Dearth of capital available to young African American entrepreneurs • Required investors
• Funding was incremental and relocation was required

2. Lakota Hills
2.1 Who can be an entrepreneur?
As the original inhabitants of the USA, Native Americans have played an unrecognisable role in shaping the country. Laura Ryan is a classic entrepreneur with a