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Who Causes Collisions
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Inexperience: Inexperience can cause accidents because people don’t know what they are doing and therefore can panic and cause collisions or can drive too fast for their skill level and cause collisions in that way. The worst thing people can do is drive to slow for example if someone is driving to slow they could merge into a roadway driving to slow and be rear ended. There have been many occurrences of people driving with inexperience and causing collision due to it. The easiest way to reduce collisions caused by inexperienced drivers is to have them start on a private road and a parking lot until they are comfortable in the vehicle then having them start driving in different conditions until they are
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All of these things add to the many collisions caused by the inability to drive. Personally I have never heard of collisions in which the only cause was the inability to drive but I am sure they happen quite often. The easiest way to solve this problem would be for drivers with the Inability to drive to get special training before entering public roads.

Irresponsibility: Irresponsibility behind the wheel is something that many young drivers are guilty of because they want to show off before in front of friends or because they don’t realize the risks in being Irresponsible behind the wheel. Being irresponsible leads to thousands of collisions each year many of these collisions include fatality due to speed and lack of control. I know the driver of a vehicle which lost control on September 8th 2012 which took the lives of two passengers, speed was a factor in the collision the vehicle entered a corner to fast leaving the road the speed was caused by irresponsible driving. The easiest way to reduce accidents like that is to make sure that drivers do a competency test before they are allowed to drive with passengers.

Impairment: Impairment is the most dangerous way to drive and is the leading cause of all collisions across Ontario. Impairment of any type is illegal whether alcohol,