Who I Am As A Friend

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I. Introduction
To my dear friends:
I would like to take this opportunity to express openness to my friends who must know who I am in a deeper sense. I intend to be very open to you about who I am as a friend and how I see things to better understand me as a person and as a friend. I also take this opportunity that by letting you know who I am, I will be able to unleash some of your wrong notions about me. This way, we can be transparent about each other, and will get along well better as friends.
I must admit that I am not perfect; I am not also able to meet your expectations at times but since I am opening up myself with you and even my imperfections and willingness to be criticized, this is who I am and what I am as a friend. I believe there is no better way to be true to you as a friend but to be true to myself. I would truly appreciate that you too will see the same way about how you see what friendship is and by being true to you, I can be open to you without reservation.
First of all, I am one person who put high regard on standards; I find them necessary to be valued so I expect a little of discipline on how I conduct myself as a person and how I deal with other people like you. I put value on order like hygiene; I take particular importance to details like how I brush my teeth, how I empty the tube of my favorite toothpaste brand; I usually keep a stock of toothpaste as replacement so I don’t have to find myself with empty tube every time I brush my teeth.
II. Audience Discussion Living in a world of many complications, I learn to be organized. Our culture tends to admire straight people, organized individuals, orderly manner or conduct when given tasks or assignments. Like the ideal leader, I do things what I think is right regardless of what anyone thinks about me. I may be aggressive as I should be because there are things that I have to do to accomplish something; I may be intimidating or may be ruthless just to get what I need to accomplish but that is how it is what I need something to do; I may be a bully to others and be very competitive, but that is how I survive in this endless culture of competition (Heinrichs, 2007). I know that what is ideal is to get what I want and what I aspire for; I engage in arguments just to persuade others about what I think is right or a priority, or the right thing to do. I win because I really have to win just to get what I need to accomplish. I have to be advance, to look after of what is ahead; I need to be heard and be listened to; I cannot take a backseat every time there is something I need to accomplish because in the end, I take responsibility for my accomplishment, and take the consequences in case I fail to deliver the desired results or accomplishments (Heinrichs, 2007). I believe that what needs to be done requires a choice and the choice I make every step of the way is right. As a result, I am able to satisfy my leaders, or the one who would lead my direction to what I accomplish; I am able to meet my desired goals and objectives that will also redound to the benefit of the people I serve and I deal with. I also am able to accomplish the very core of my being an individual with dignity as a responsible person that is true to my word and to my commitment to accomplish my work. I think you have the avenue to do the same as I do. You will also find satisfaction and fulfillment by doing what I am doing; I will not spend time to tell you the gains of what I am doing if at all will not help you as a person and as an individual. I can say how I am and what I have become will help you in one way or another. You need to respond to the challenges of the time and make sure you are able to accomplish what you have aimed for in life or in what you do at work. You can start by asking yourself what you want to do in your life; you can begin asking about what you would lose by not aiming for at work or in life. F. Lee Bailey