Who I Am Today

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Who we are today depends on quite a few things, the people we meet and interact with, the challenges that we face and the experiences we are put into and how we handle them. The challenges and influences that have shaped and changed who I am today are my family and home life, my “wonderful” high school experience and all the ways it’s changed me.
Who are you? It is said that each one of us are unique, we are who we are and our choices in life make us the way we are. Now yes the choices that we make in life surly do affect who we are, but what about influences we have no control over, like our families. Your parents didn’t choose who you were going to be and you obviously could not pick who your parents are going to be. You see the biggest influence in anyone’s life is their parents. Weather they know it, from a young age parents start to mold their children, teaching them their beliefs and what they think right and wrong and so on and so forth. For as far back as I remember my father and mother have been helping and shaping me into the man I am today. From both of my parents I have been taught what is right and wrong, how to do things and how not to. These rules and lesson my parents figuratively squished into my brain truly made me the way I am today. When i think of the choices ive made how I chosen my friends and the time spent with them. I will always feel as if my parents were telling and guiding me what to do, even though I may not have done some things
Now I know all of us look back our high school years with such fond memories of thoses “good ole days”. Some of us were smart and hard workers and never had to worry about grades, but we all know the majority of students were lazy and to important with “other things”, such as myself. In choosing socialization and party over my studies, it caused a great deal of things in my life to go horribly wrong. Even though my parents instilled a sense of right and wrong. I had a rebellious stage. I guess you could say I started to change the summer of eleventh grade, after going to school with only twenty seven kids in the class your class for two years gets pretty boring. So choosing friends outside of school that weren’t boring was easy, and that’s pretty much when the change began. At first the changes were small but as I started to hang out with these people that were unlike me their ways started to rub off on me. I started to drink and smoke and fell away from what I was raised in and who I should be. But although I felt horrible about what I was doing I kept doing it because I was stubborn and didn’t want to change. Until one day, a man I consider my third grandfather asked me this question, who are you who do you want to be, of course I