Who Is Beneatha In A Raisin In The Sun

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Lorraine Hansberry's “A Raisin in the Sun” tells the story about the Youngers, an African American family who are struggling financially. Their family receives a large sum of money, but unfortunately, Walter loses the money. The loss of their family’s check causes Asagi to ask Beneatha to leave the country with him, Walter to call Lindner, and Walter changes his attitude by keeping the house. To begin, Asagai and Beneatha are close friends. They both are embrace their African heritage, and Asagai cares very much about her. Once the money is gone, Beneatha despondently tells Asagai, “Me? . . . Me? . . . Me, I’m nothing…” (Hansberry 877). The money is suppose to help the Youngers live a better life and not have to worry about their financial problems. After her brother loses the money, Beneatha begins to lose sight of her goals. She doubts her decision of becoming a doctor. She wonders if it is worth it to help others, when miserable events keep happening to her. She essentially loses her motivation and identity. She does not know who she is anymore and she stops caring about her original ambitions. Asagai tries to comfort Beneatha, and he cajoles her to act more positively. Asagai begins to mention his village in Africa. …show more content…
Rather quietly for him: That when it is all over-that you come home with me.
Beneatha. Starting at him and crossing away with exasperation: Oh-Asagai-at this moment you decide to be romantic! Asagai. Quickly understanding the misunderstanding: My dear, you creature of the New World-I do not mean across the city-I mean across the ocean: home-to Africa. (Hansberry 879)
Asagai hopes that Beneatha will come with him in order to help others in Africa. He wishes for her to continue to help others and for her to remain hopeful and motivated. He offers an opportunity for her to escape from the situation from a while. She will be able to truly experience her