Who Is Douglas Spaulding In Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine

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The book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury's main character is Douglas Spaulding. The plot revolves around his revelations that come upon him. The first in the book being the concept of life. While in the woods with his father and his brother Tom, he feels as though there is a thing that is stalking Father, Tom, and Himself. Then when it "pounced" the world came rushing on him. He knew his place in the universe. He was alive. He had just been living without thinking of it. He, Douglas, was a living breathing human. The world finally put itself into focus in Douglas's mind. Douglas looked at the world a little differently. It even changed the way he looked a dandelion wine. He started seeing it a preserved day in a bottle. Douglas had to withstand grief and loss as well. Many people died in Dandelion Wine. Those include Great-Grandmother, Colonel Freeleigh, Helen Loomis, and Elisabeth Ramsell. It was also mentioned that Doug had a little sister that passed when she was young. Doug also lost many people and thing in this book. He lost the trolley, the green machine, and worst of all John Huff. All of these took a toll on him. They all contributed to the last realization. …show more content…
He had also lost many. He had learned that he was alive, so on the other side of the spectrum, he learned that he would also die. Because of this realization, he worried himself sick. On the hottest day of summer, Douglas had a fever. His body was slow. Even his thoughts were heavy. Every thought was a seed pellet falling in an hourglass. At that time he felt nostalgic. His thoughts crept to the trolley, John Huff, the green machine, Colonel Freeleigh, the happiness machine, and everything that he had lost that summer went through his mind. This realization took the biggest toll on