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Who Is God I personally thought Alvin Plantinga's free will defense was insightful in showing that it is logically possible for evil to exist while at the same time allowing for an all loving, all powerful, and all knowing God. The defense states that God finds it more valuable to have people make free choices, and perform morally good choices, than to only be able to make good choices. If God was to make it so that doing anything evil was impossible, than it would be impossible for a creature to do anything morally good.
Therefore, God is able to create free creatures, but He is not able to create free creatures that only do what is right! For if he does so, they aren’t significantly free after all, as they wouldn’t do what is right freely . For God to create creatures capable of moral good, those creatures must be also capable of moral evil. From this standpoint, Alvin
Plantinga argues that some of the free creatures went “wrong” in the practice of their freedom, and this is the source of moral evil as we know it. For example, the action of a gunman killing several people is a byproduct of God allowing people free will. There are some assumptions that we assume with this argument. First, we must assume that we do in fact have free will, and that our actions are not predetermined. For if they were, we would not truly be able to freely choose what is morally good, and this defense’s reasoning would not stand. This defense also stipulates that “A world that contains significantly free creatures,…