Who Is John Proctor A Hero In The Crucible

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One of the strongest human drives seems to be the desire for power. Every sticky situation has a hero that tries to solve the problem, such John Proctor in The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. John does everything he can think of to try and save his wife. In the process, he reveals his darkest secrets and loses all credibility. Proctor is a sinner, disloyal husband, and not the best Christian, as he does not attend service very often and his youngest son is not even baptized. If Proctor is a true hero, he would have saved some lives and kept a good name in the process. When it is all said and done, Proctor ends up choosing the easiest way out for himself, proving his non-heroic actions, and also proving he is a selfish coward. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor struggles to be the hero of the play, but in actuality he is no hero at all. How can a man not at peace with himself, create peace for a whole community? …show more content…
John could have saved so many lives by pleading guilty of witchcraft and was about to sign his announcement of guilt until Danforth is going to tape it to the church for the town to see. The decision was easy, sign the paper, live, and save the lives of many innocent people. If Proctor truly wanted to be the hero, that was the chance to prove heroic. Instead, John is hung along with two other innocent, well-respected ladies. The decision made by Proctor goes to show how selfish John is, times got hard and instead of rising above it, he chose to crumble under the pressure. How could John be a hero when in times of strife, his name is the only thing that