Who Is Mary Warren In The Crucible

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The mystery of the Salem Witch Trials has intrigued people for years. The Crucible by Arthur Miller has brought this well known event to life. He incorporated his own experiences and characters that experienced the witch trials first hand. One of these character being Mary Warren who historically was the oldest accuser of the Salem witch trials, being in her late teens or even early twenties. She ended up confessing that the girls were lying about some of the people being witches but the other girls turned on her and she ended up being accused of witchcraft. In The Crucible, Mary was very submissive and was influenced by her surroundings. Although in the end Mary shaped her own decisions, she was greatly influenced by other characters, the trials, and her own internal conflicts throughout the play. Mary was surrounded by two people of conflicting sides; …show more content…
Being a part of the court made her believe in herself and her power more and also gave her a sense of purpose. When she is talking to John Proctor, she begins to stand up for herself, when she would usually have just submissively done what she was told. “I’ll not be ordered to bed no more, Mr. Proctor! I am eighteen and a woman, however single!” (page 57) I believe that the court changed Mary’s opinion and she began to believe that she has more power now that she has an important place in court. Mary finally felt that she was doing something with her life and was needed to continue to do it. “I must tell you, sir, I will be gone every day now. I am amazed you do not see what weighty work we do.” (page 56) Considering the fact that she was part of court, she believed herself to be more mature and to have more purpose in her life. She believes that she is getting the devil out of Salem and wants to continue to help no matter what other’s say. The witch trials generally made Mary more independent and more satisfied with her