Who Is Officer Ryan's Redemption

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Officer Ryan's Redemption Crash reveals the everyday overlooked prejudices we all carry around like concealed weapons that distort our world. On the surface, Crash is about racism; every character is racist about another racial group. But if you scrape the surface a bit, it turns racism on its head, from a problem "out there" to one inside us all. There are no good characters in this story, but every person is a mixed bag. Most of the characters are in denial about their ambiguity, and live disconnected from truth. Officer Ryan is one of those characters. His actions and attitudes define his character in the movie. However, Officer Ryan redeems himself at the end of the film because he shows kindness towards his father and saves the woman from the car accident. …show more content…
Jack Ryan goes home to an ailing father and tenderly watches over him as he struggles with a mysterious kidney ailment. The extent of Jack's bitterness is revealed when he visits the HMO and pleads with them to cover the expenses of his father seeing a specialist. "It's you people that forced my father to lose everything, and yet he never blamed you," he tells the black administrator (Crash). Jack's dad was a victim of equal opportunity, who lost his janitorial business because he wasn't an African American. We begin to understand that every time Jack sees a black man, he sees the source of his father's demise. His sense of injustice and blame is perceptible. You see him living with his dad and waking up in the middle of the night to take care of him and his health problem. This goes to show that a person who does bad things can still be considered good. In the end, Officer Ryan compensates for his racist tendency because he deeply cares for his