Who Is Ponyboy In The Outsiders

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Each and every single character in the “Outsiders” by SE Hinton has their own specific meaning. Ponyboy is the main character in the book, narrating and developing the whole story. Ponyboy is a fourteen year old male with quite the education. He enjoys reading books and watching movies, by himself. He is in a family of only three people after the passing of his mother and father eight months prior to the beginning of the book. Ponyboy is a short, young looking boy, with special features. His long hair, is “tough” and makes him look like less of a little boy in the gang. He is the only smart, happy member of his gang, “ The Greasers”. His hair is long on top and shorter on the sides, always slicked back with a little grease and the help of his …show more content…
The horse would chew on Soda’s collar and they became best friends. One day Soda showed up to the horse stable and Mickey was gone and it hurt Soda. Mickey had been bought by someone and Soda wasn't going to go ask his father to buy the horse because Soda knew how tight money was and that asking for the horse would only make his have to work harder. To Pony, Soda understands everything and everyone. In the beginning of the book Soda is sixteen going on seventeen years old. Soda will never grow up he’ll always be laid back. Soda never hollers at Pony and treats him like he is fourteen. He’s loved by Pony more than Pony could ever love anyone. Steve Randle, Soda’s best friend which is why he is loved by Pony. Steve was tall and lean and seventeen years old. With thick greasy hair which was combed in swirls. Steve was very smart and had a knack for cars. Steve knew the ins and outs of a car and could lift a hubcap very quiet and very fast. Anything on wheels could be driven by Steve, he loved cars. Soda and Steve worked together at the gas station, Soda would work full time while Steve worked only part