Essay on Who is Responsible for American Obesity

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Who is Responsible for American Obesity? An Annotated Bibliography
Ursurla L Waller
ENG 122: English Composition II
Dr. Pal- Agrawal
2015 Feb 5

For this class, I have chosen the research topic “Is the American diet responsible for the adult obesity epidemic in the United States?” For this topic, I will argue that an individual’s diet in America, contributed to by both societal influence and the existence of Food Deserts, is due to the foods consumed in ones culture as accessible. These choices will guide me towards research papers focusing on the food choices readily available for the majority of Americans and its impact on adult obesity rates. I must first consider the American diet, then the adult obesity epidemic, and finally, consider the socioeconomically state of those considered obese. My thesis statement: Although healthy eating is a lifestyle choice, the lack of convenient healthy food alternatives, the geographical location of those alternatives in proportion to overweight Americans, and the cultural norms of insalubrious eating are responsible for the rising rates of adult obesity in the Unites States.
Keywords: “Societal influence,” “Food Deserts”, Food, United States, “American Diet”, Culture, Obesity Rates, and Health.
Who is Responsible for American Obesity? An Annotated Bibliography
Manning, M. J. (2012). How America Eats: A Social History of U.S. Food and Culture. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

This book analyzes the history and present of the American Diet, adding culturally relevant information of the historical and technological changes in society, and the impact of its norms. In the first few chapters, the author divulges the effect of enslaved Africans, American expansion, the Industrial Revolution, immigration, and food production on Americans to date. Manning discusses the history of food in the United States, and its impact on present eating habits, in addition to how different cultures within Western Society identify with the new American Diet.
How America Eats will provide the principal support for this paper as the topic of conversation is; “Is the American Diet Responsible for Adult Obesity?” The study of the American diet will become the backbone of my paper because it highlights how the American diet came to past, in addition to the changes that will tie into the other causes of obesity that I will argue. Finally, it helps me become familiar with what Americans are actually eating.
Topic sentence that this work informs: An individual’s diet in America, contributed to by both societal and assimilated cultural influence, is the result of historical accounts of the foods consumed in ones culture as accessible.

DeAngelo, L. P., Kalumuck, K. P., & Adlin, E. M. (2014). Obesity. Magill’S Medical Guide (Online Edition)

This Medical Guide gives in-depth information on what adult obesity is, as well as contributing factors, some of which I will counter argue with the sources listed below. The authors cite Medical Research, Reviews, and Reports of the statistics of the American obese among other things.
This guide gives relevant information pertinent to my essay in that it defines much of what I will argue; giving me the information needed to move forward giving the readers a better understanding of my argument. I will quote from this source and rephrase what obesity is and how the social, cultural, genetic, metabolic, behavioral, and psychological components of it affect Americans.
Topic sentence that this work informs: Most people, even doctors, assume that the primary cause of obesity is insalubrious eating habits; however, medical science cannot confirm this to be the truthful and sole factor.

Álvarez, L. S., Estrada, A., Diego Goez, J., Carreño, C., & Mancilla, L. P. (2013). The effects of socioeconomic status and short stature on overweight, obesity and the risk of metabolic complications in adults. Colombia Medica, 44(3), 146-154.

This article gives extensive