Who Is Right

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Who Is Right?

The article that I read and would like to make a statement and or editorial on would be the view point of a version of against Brandon point of view which I disagree with but has a little bit of truth with that I would like to touch on from experience that have happened with me in my own life time and would lot of people I think would agree with my side. So in Brandon’s article he states starting with his title that opinions of any kind should be kept to one’s self and not be shared or introduced in any way shape or form, from the title I think misleads the whole article as he really focuses on the subject of his teacher talking about religion I think his article should not be titled that for starters. Now my view of his statements Brandon states “I am here to argue that professors should keep their own religion, and for that matter political, opinion out of classroom and respect their beliefs of others.” If the professors kept their own opinions out of the classroom how do you expect each professor to differ from one another the opinions is what makes each and every individual person their own! If you go around believing and accepting everything anyone tells you, your life will be a mess and you will have no sense of who you actually are. I would like to suggest or point out that in my OPINION that I like teachers who have their own opinion because it offers different ways to learn and understand the subject matter from a different point of view, even if that means their opinion is against your you now see the opposing side of the argument and in turn you learn. I would like to touch on the part where I said I do agree with one part in Brandon’s piece and that is that “impose your thoughts and ideas as absolute facts on student.” Now in this point opinions should be just that your own ideas that you share gently with other, now some may be more strongly opinionated but and opinion or belief should never ever be forced down someone’s throat to the point that they believe their own opinions is worth less. I feel when something is forced upon you without you wanting them to that this is wrong and it will actually force people away from you rather than do what you want which is to bring people to believe your side and accept your belief. I have personal experience with one of my friends who was very open to learning about god and was wanting to change his life around, since he was open to opinions and people teaching him about god that he took it all in and was happy with people forcing opinions on him, now in turn I’ve had friends who have tried forcing the subject of god on people which with most people will irritate and offend them as its basically saying your belief isn’t right you aren’t doing it right this is how it should be and that isn’t right and should be stopped. I would like to touch on again is how opinions can be a valuable learning tool in the classroom. As one of my classmates says “Brandon feels that for one to voice opposition to another beliefs is the same as active persecutions. As Adam says, “Current events deserve the scholarly attention only a college classroom can privy.” Where else is one privy to such a wide range of ideas? Certainly not in the homogenous hometowns of one’s youth. One must question everything. If not, fug it.” I really like this idea of “one must question everything” I think this is saying that if you believe everything anyone tells you and believe that is right then how