Who Is The Narrator In Sonny's Blues

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In “Sonny’s blues” a short story written by James Baldwin, I will be focusing on the narrator. I will discuss how the narrator evolves throughout the story, what he looks like, how he behaves and his relationship with other characters. I will also point out some important things he says, identify symbolism, and lastly, some of the choices he made. The narrator evolved from feelings of shame where his brother is concerned about gaining an understanding of his brothers’ outlook and choices. The final moment where change was noticed is when the narrator decides to accompany his brother to his event.
It isn’t always easy being the oldest, they are often forced to take on the parental role and have a certain level of understanding when it comes to siblings. When a person cares for someone, they sometimes feel the need to guide them in the most beneficial way in order for them
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My trouble had made his real." I found this rather interesting, as it was in that moment when he experienced the death of his daughter that he truly understood and connected his own suffering to his brothers. A few of the symbolism used in the story was the death of the narrator daughter Grace. Her death is symbolic the amount of suffering played out in the story. It mention that she fell and immediately we can relate it to Sonny as he has fallen not literally but figuratively. Grace death was like a gateway for in my opinion if it had not been for her death the narrator would not have reached out to his brother. Another strong simple it where the narrator sends a beverage to his brother and calls that the cup of trembling which we discovered is taken from the bible and that as well represent the suffering and over coming in. what confuses me is that the narrator came off as a not so religious man yet to use such a biblical reference baffles