Who Is The Weak In The Crucible

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In the play “The Crucible” written from Arthur Miller in 1953 there are different concepts of weakness, courage and truth having a great impact on the actions in the play.

Mary Warren represents in the play the weak character, and that has a big impact on the action in the play. She has totally different opinions from one to another act, and acts always how it is the easiest for her. In the first act she is on the side of Abigail and blame women to be with the devil, so nobody can blame her. She sits in the court and even the fact that she doesn’t like it, doesn’t change her action, because all of her friends are blaming and she feels important in the court. In the second play she doesn’t want to resist John Proctor when he says that she have to explain the court that it wasn’t Elizabeth sticking the needle in Abigail’s belly. She acquiesces because she is the servant of the Proctor’s and doesn’t want to get fired. In the third act she should show the court how she pretends to see spirits but she can’t because there is so much pressure on her and now she doesn’t have anybody standing behind her. When Abigail starts to blame that Mary is a witch she reveal John Proctor and says that she saw him with the devil. While everybody blames Proctor now nobody thinks about Mary anymore.

The concept of courage in the play you can find
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Abigail and all of the girls dancing in the woods are lying about seeing spirits. The girls pretend because Abigail does it and Abigail pretend to blame John Proctor’s wife a witch so she hangs and Abigail and John can marry. The women blamed being a witch confess to save their lives, but as they aren’t witches they are lying. Another example is that nobody believes Proctor that he had an affair with Abigail, because Elizabeth Proctor tries to save him and lies. After that the court thinks he is a liar and don’t want to hear something about that, not even from