Who Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“Oh Romeo oh Romeo, I love you so much”. This is a love story based in the middle ages but with a tragic ending. Romeo and Juliet meet at party and they start talking but they find out that the are from different sides of two feuding families. They keep it a secret then they try to meet and then they kill themselves. But who is to blame for this tragic suicide? Is it themselves, their parents or other people of the royal families.

There's a lot of evidence, so in the first paragraph is going to be about Romeo and Juliet are to blame. Yes they have the blame because first of all they killed themselves. And they fell so much in love that they couldn't be apart so they snuck out of their houses to meet and they even had a secret marriage. They had a whole plan to run away but didn't.
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Lady capulet played a big role in juliet's suicide. She was making Juliet get married to a guy named Paris even if she does not want to. Lady Capulet made Juliet pick out a dress. Most of all that drove them to kill themselves is the family feud between the two families. They were so mad that they couldn't be together they killed themselves.

The last thing that is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death is the other parts of the royal family. The soldiers of the two families were always fighting which was making the feud bigger. Friar lawrence was a big part too. He was the one to married Romeo and Juliet. He also made the potion to make Juliet fall asleep through the wedding to make her family think she is dead. Which made Romeo think she's dead then he killed himself. Then when she woke up she saw romeo's body and then she killed herself.

So the answer is clear that the blame is on themselves. But you have to read the book to make your own