Who To Blame For Santiago Nasar's Death

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In the chronicles of a death for told by Marquez, Gabriel Garcia, there are more than one person that can be responsible for the death of Santiago Nasar. There is Angela Vicario the bride that was sent back from her wedding night because she wasn’t a virgin, she is one to blame because she was the one that accused him of taking her virginity her. Then you have Pedro and Pablo Vicario Angela’s twin brothers which are the one that actually carried out the crime in order to restore the honor in the family. Lastly we have the town people which tend to know that Pablo and Pedro are going to kill Santiago and don’t warn him until it is too late.

Angela Vicario is the first person to blame in Santiago’s Nasar’s death, because she was the one that gave his name as the person that took her virginity away and the cause of dishonoring the family. It states in the text that when asked who was it “she only took the time necessary to say the name Santiago Nasar” (Marques28). Angela Vicario sentences an innocent man to death just that her mother would stop beating her and her family would not look like dishonorable fools in front of everyone. Angela didn’t want to tell anyone who was the real person that took her virginity away but share with her friends that she wasn’t a virgin long before her wedding night. She chose Santiago Nasar
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When there sister Angela blamed Santiago’s for her dishonor Pedro and Pablo took it as if not only did there sister was dishonored but the whole family itself lost the honor and they had to restore, and the best way was to kill the person that took it. It states in the text that the Vicario Brothers “Declared at the end of the trail that they would have done it again a thousand times and for the same reason” (Marquez48). Honor played a big role in the decision that the Vicario brother’s took to kill Santiago