Who Wants To Cut Social Security

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Who Wants To Cut Social Security



APRIL 14, 2013


Who Wants To Cut Social Security

The proposal in Obama’s Fiscal 2014 budget plan, concerns government officials on the calculations for social security beneficiaries. The government uses a measure known in economics-speak as chained CPI.

There was not enough depth to simply point out an accurate personal assumption of the story further research is needed for a critical evaluation. The facts of effectiveness was not stated but the opposing views were the base of the story, and the perspectives of the story was bias based on the critic of personal and no supporting factors were included. Other than the questions left to mind on whether the country should cut social security there’s mixed feelings within Congress. The implications in the story were mainly of political views toward the cut and not that of positive effects of the cut. When critically evaluating a story, the means of making a distinction is the key component in deciding whether to agree or disagree with the situation. Evaluating a television broadcast over an online source hinders a full comprehension of the story because of lack of information giving from the station and the audience, whereas amore in depth research can be determined