Who I Am Essay

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Amaris Raynor
February 12, 2013
Cultural Diversity

Who am I? I am a daughter, friend, volunteer, granddaughter and a niece. I am loved, supported and encouraged by family. I contribute a lot of who I am by the example of my parents. Many of the significant factors are contributed by parent’s belief in discipline, education and self-accountability. As college student, I recognize that I have an opportunity that some college students do not have. I have the love and support of my parents who have chosen to finance my college experience. I have the privilege of being raised by two competitive parents who stands against odds and work hard daily at striving to be the best. Throughout my childhood, I was encouraged to practice, be involved and make the most of all opportunities. The most important value I learned is the importance of helping others. I watched my parents give to others and contribute their success. Tirelessly, they contribute a lot of time to helping the youth, volunteering and visiting sick. I believe that one of most important contributions one can make is helping others. It is helping me understand who I am really am and help shape me in becoming a mature adult. I was raised with values such as honesty, serving God and others and be responsible. This has help with my school work, relationships and decisions. My school work has been very challenging, not all my relationships have gone well and not all of my decisions were good. I learned from those