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Whole Foods markets are the world’s leader in natural and organic foods with stores in North America and United Kingdom .Their mission is Whole Foods-Whole People- Whole Planet. Whole Food stands for searching for the highest quality and natural foods possible. Whole People mean that the people their hire are passionate about healthy food. Whole Planet means they are committed to helping take care of the world around us.
McGregor’s Theory Y is one of the two theories contrasting assumptions about human nature. Theory X assumptions were negative and pessimistic; McGregor felt this was the typical behavior of how managers were perceived by employees. Theory Y was a modern and positive set of assumptions about people. McGregor believed that managers could accomplish more through others by viewing themselves as self-energized committed, responsible and creative beings (Kreitner & Kinicki, p9). McGregor’s Theory Y plays a very important role at Whole Foods. In the table on page 9 number 3 under the Theory Y column states that people generally become committed to organizational objectives if there are rewarded for doing so .John Mackey the CEO of Whole Foods states that they want their employees to be happy because happy employees make happy customers and happy customers will refer people to the place of business there for bringing more customers (Kreitner & Kinicki, p30).
This case brings the profile of the 21st century manager to life by implementing many if not all of the items listed in table 1-3 on page 19.Whole Foods is a cooperative business they strive for win-win situations. Whole Foods refers to their employees as team members, they compensate based on skills and results.
The Theory behind the pyramid is that the lower levels must be satisfied in order for the upper levels to be achieved. These are four layers to Carroll’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid. The first and bottom tier is economic Responsibility and obeying the law: the third up is Ethical Responsibility and being ethical and the top layer is Philanthropic Responsibility which is to be a good global corporate citizen (Kreitner & Kinicki, p21).Whole Foods values seem