Whole Foods Core Value Essay

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We agree that Whole Foods Markets’ core values as presented in case Exhibit 3 really matter. They are real and have contributed to the company success. These core values significantly create competitive advantage of Whole Foods and make it different from rivals. In addition, core values make customers and employees of Whole Foods understand clearly about competitive advantage of the company. Here are some evidences supporting the claim that core values of Whole Foods are ”real”:
• Sell the Highest Quality Natural and Organic Products Available: All of Whole Foods products meet strict standards and are of high quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance and taste. They also guarantee 100% satisfaction on all items purchased.
• Satisfy,
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• Practice and Advance Environmental Stewardship: Launch the Eco Scale rating system to help customers make environmentally choices.
• Create Ongoing Win-Win Partnership with Suppliers: In March 2007, Whole Foods launched its Whole Trade Guarantee program, which committed the company to paying small-scale producers (chiefly in impoverished, low- wage countries where living standards were low) a price for their products that more than covered the producer's costs
• Promote the Health of Stakeholders through Healthy Eating Education: Whole Foods had partnered with Eat Right America and the creator of The Engine 2 Diet to create Getting Started programs. In addition, Whole Foods had initiated its Health Starts Here campaign that included a growing selection of new, healthy prepared foods, an educational booth where team members dispensed information and provided healthy-eating