Essay Whoop: Plymouth Colony and William Bradford

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1.03 William Bradford
1. I learned from reading the passage that William Bradford was born on a farming community in Austerfeild, Yorkshire in 1590. Another fact is that that William Bradford is the only known survivor of the Mayflower to write about Plymouth in his book Of Plymouth Plantation. Last but not least is when Bradford married a 16 year old girl and had a child with her two years later and didn't stay with her for the rest of his life.

2.William Bradford became the governor of Plymouth after the first governor died in 1621. His writings were based on his experiences as a leader of the colony. He wrote about their tragedies, and triumphs, as they became a true colony.

3. William Bradford's wife Dorothy, had fallen off the Mayflower while the ship was anchored at Provincetown Harbor and died.
1.02 A letter from the Editor

-Inform: The writer gives careful explanations about a complicated issue.
-Promote: The writer tries to promote a worthy activity and tries to get the reader involved.
-Praise: The writer praises a person or an event.
-Entertain: The writer encourages or entertains the reader about an important issue.

What is the process of writing an editorial?
Step one: Choose an issue
Step two: Collect information
Step three: Connect
Step four: Correct
1.05 Jonathan Edwards
Brimstone - sulfur, damnation to hell. Usually used in fiery or passionate speeches. (noun)
Constitution - physical or emotional reaction to challenging situations (noun)
Sovereign - one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere (noun) abhor- verb - to regard with extreme repugnance abominable - adjective - worthy of causing disgust or hatred incense - verb - to arouse the extreme anger or