Why 1984 Should Be Banned

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As with any form of someone’s artistic creation there are bound to be good and bad opinions or criticisms. So when someone writes a book they know it will not please everyone. However, do any authors ever think, “Not only can my book be ill-received, but it might even get banned.” Now what does it mean for a book to be banned? Well it means that reading said book is not allowed either by school, state or even country. To enforce the banning libraries and bookstores will not have the books available for people to check out. For a book to be banned it must first be challenged, but not all challenged books get banned. For example the book 1984 was banned in the Soviet Union for being against communism and was burned. However, in Jackson County, Florida the book was challenged because it supposedly favored communism, but it was not banned (Why was 1984 12). 1984 by George Orwell is fifth on the list of most challenged books for more reasons than just its views on communism. 1984 isn’t just anti communism it can be seen as anti-government. The book warns of the dangers of a totalitarian government, it is pro freedom meaning it’s against governments, it has sexual content, profanity, and can be interpreted as encouraging people to rebel against governments like the one in the book (Reasons why) 11. With the …show more content…
However, it’s a good controversy. When people write something and try not to be controversial, the result is likely not to affect anyone. 1984 should not be banned because it makes us think critically and about our own society. However, due to some of its controversial topics, it should not be forced upon students. In my opinion, we should never ban books, but simply make them optional. Therefore, with books like 1984, they shouldn’t be required to be read. I do think it would be best however, if they are made an option such as giving a child the choice between reading 1984 or other