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Why Am I ‘looked after’?
A ‘looked after’ child is a child or young person who is being cared for through the local authorities, being ‘looked after’ outside of the family home.
Children Act 1989
‘Under the Children Act 1989, Local Authorities, have a general duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children within their area who are “in need.”
• Local Authorities must assess a child's needs and promote the upbringing of children by their own families (providing it if safe to do so).
• Local Authorities should work in partnership with parents.
• The Local Authority will only seek a Court order when compulsory action is in the best interest of the child.
• The child’s welfare is paramount and safeguarding and promoting it is the priority
• Needs arising from race, culture, religion and language must be taken into account
• Views of children must be taken into account
• It is the duty of partner agencies to assist local authorities in their enquiries’ There are a number of reasons that the child or young person would need to be looked after, these would be child related issues, some being; disability or disease may result in a child being looked after because the parent does not have the right support system for the child, meaning they couldn’t provide the necessary requirements the child would need, such as, time, money and apparatus (if needed). This may also be the situation if the child had behavioural issues or learning difficulties. If the child was suspected of maltreatment then it would be the right of the local authority to take the child and protect them. If the child/young person is an orphan then they would be looked after because they have no family to do so for them.
There are also parental issues that would…