Why America Should Be Flourished With Britain In The United States

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The fat black cat ranaujfjd djd djd djd djd djd djd djd djd djd djdj djdj djd djdCommon Sense - Thomas Paine Encourages people to shed premonitions and embrace new ideas Tells the colonies to not believe that measures are permanent, such a mistake is fatal A small mistake now will enlarge and will affect the posterity (future generations) more than it did their ancestors Any plans before the 19th of April are useless. It is now a new era of political thinking. Both the Whigs and the Tories agreed to have a union with Britain, but one proposed force and the other proposed friendship. One failed, the other withdrew her influence. Although there are many positives to uniting with Britain, it is time to look at the negatives. 1. The argument that America must be united with Britain to be flourishing in the future is wrong. America would have flourished just as well had no European country intervened. The reason is because a large section of America's economy is agriculture, which Europe will always buy. 2. Britain may claim that they protected America in her own interests, but Britain ultimately protected America in her own interests. Britain's enemies will always be America's enemies. Such a connection is dangerous; America should be at peace with Spain and France 3. It has been said that the American colonies have no relation with each other besides the connection England gives. Spain and France are not America's enemies, they are our enemies because we are British subjects. Americans are not British subjects, but the King and some British subjects believe this out of a religious fervor. Americans come from all over Europe and have fled from persecution. Britain however is still persecuting America. Britain, being America's enemy, has no claim to American allegiance. Reconciliation is not the duty of the colonies; otherwise, people of French descent should submit themselves to the French The relationship with Britain poses some financial strains on some citizens (eg. Bostonians are threatened with the theft of their property by British soldiiers Reconciliation with Britain will only cause the present situation to repeat itself. It is impossible to return to a state of peace after the battles and oppression under British rule. It is foolish to think that Britain will not introduce another oppressive tax. After all, the reintroduced unfair tariffs a year or two