Essay on Why Americans Hate Politics

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When I hear the word “politics” I cringe and really try to avoid any situation where that topic may come up. Today it has become a topic to be avoided at all costs in conversation with those you live with, work with, or are friends with. It can very easily ruin friendships, create hostile tensions in the work place, or break up marriages. What is the cause of this? That is a very good question and can have many different answers for many different people.
Personally, I am not very involved with the political campaign process or even politics in general. Although, if I feel strongly enough about something I will stand up and fight for that topic and politics just happen to not be one of those topics. However my roommate is quite
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Today’s political campaigns seemed to be filled with all of these promises that will never be fulfilled. In my opinion Presidential candidates will say whatever it takes to get the votes. Each time they go speak to a certain group of voters it seems so obvious that their speeches make the promises and speak the words that the demographics of that crowd would want to hear. The young Americans of today’s societies are not as naïve and stupid as some people make them out to be. I being in that category I know how the older generations of people think about my generation.
I think if people want the Americans under 30 to start becoming more involved and care more there needs to be a complete overhaul of how things are done, such as the need for more balanced media coverage. As mentioned earlier many of the opinions of newspapers or television stations are skewed are the political affiliations of the people in charge at that particular institution. I feel my opinion about politics are shared by many, and will only be recognized by more. The longer the political campaigns lengthen their time the more money that will be wasted on commercials trashing the opponents of whatever election is coming up. It is almost a way of life now. Politics need to stop being such a soap opera and need to start meaning something today if people really want change to happen. Until more people get involved nothing will