Why Animals Do Rights Matter Essay example

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Why animals do rights matter. I mean why should we care? Why should we treat animals differently, with respect and with the recognition that they too have the right to life? Why it is to stand up for the way we think about the creatures that the share the world with.
I never really thought of how animals were treated before until watching the “meet you meat” video where for example a how most pigs spend their lives on factory farms in pens with no room to turn round, force fed with antibiotics, the sow treated as a breeding machine, her offspring slaughtered at two to four months of age as she herself will be when she has outlived her usefulness, used in experiments and as a source of spare parts.
Animals are like us, mammals; both are intelligent sentient beings capable of feeling pain and pleasure, and both are friendly social animals. And as already mentioned pigs are very much like us in so many ways, if this were not so they would not be used as spare parts in heart surgery procedures. So why do we love and respect our dog more than a pig? Why is it cruel to mistreat a dog yet okay to mistreat a pig? Both feel pain in the same way as each other as indeed do we. If it’s cruel to inflict pain or confine your dog in a cage where he cannot turn round and slaughter him for food, why is it not considered cruel to do so to a pig? Can you imagine what the RSPCA would do if you treated your dog in the same way as a pig or other farm animal is treated? You would not be