Why Are Athletes Overpaid

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Athletes deserve what they are paid just like any job you look at how crucial they will be to the team or what difference they will make. The money they get isn't their fault it's yours. Why? You are the one paying 10 dollars for a hamburger with fries. You are the one buying tickets for a super bowl game which an average ticket cost 6000 dollars a ticket. Athletes are an inspiration to work hard also, athletes put so much time into getting to the professional level. Athletes are not overpaid because fans are buying tickets, merchandise, and also food. All this money goes to players. Entertainment is necessary and obviously people like spending ridiculous amounts of money to watch these professionals. Also, these athletes risk getting injured every game that could end their career like that, some don't even get to walk again. Not all athletes just get paid 20 million dollars. These athletes are the …show more content…
These professionals donate lots of money to charities that is just one good act they have don. We are made to believe that all athletes just blow their money but most athletes don't. Most actually do save their money for retirement since their careers are so short. Athletes even inspire kids but not only kids even adults not just in sports but to just work hard in general. All in all, the ways athletes spend money is very generous and is put to good use. A common argument against this position is athletes should not be paid more than jobs that make a difference? Athletes re people to work hard, not just for sports but whatever they might be doing. Also, professional athletes help their families if they aren't financially stable. They even donate to charity! Athletes work so hard to earn what they get, they don't HAVE to donate but because they are generous people they do. All in all, they don’t make a difference in saving lives but do by inspiring others to work hard at anything they