Why Are Neat People Better Than Sloppy People

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Everyone in the entire world fall under the category of two types of people neat people or the lesser then equal sloppy people. “I'm a neat freak... It seems to me that an orderly desk is reflective of an orderly and organized mind, you know?” said Jann Wenner. Neat people should be considered far superior to sloppy people because they keep track of everything, they are always on time to events, and simply because everything is nice and clean.
I for one have never none a neat person to have ever lost a single thing once it has been properly organized. As said in the neat people vs. sloppy people essay it is true that neat people throw a lot away to cut down on the clutter, but if it’s truly important to them then its fined away properly and stored away. Even-though everything that is needed is organized and put away properly which means when its needed its an easy thing to find and use. I cannot tell you how many times I needed something like a birth certificate and it takes a solid week to find. It’s so much easier to have it stored away after use so it can be used again, I guess it’s just a neat people thing. Its seems that
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Who likes going over to a friend’s house just to feel nasty being in there? No one that’s who. Everyone no matter who they are loves to be clean. Some people might just not be able to keep everything cleans that’s what separates the strong from the weak. Neat people’s homes always smell nice and fresh how can it smell dirty when nothing, but the trash can is dirty. Even the trash can be Ferberized to where that doesn’t even smell being in a bad smelling place makes people not want to even be there so this makes neat people a lot more desirable to have as friends than sloppy people. Leading to my next topic neat people make a lot better friends. Their house if better to be at and they are usually just better