Why Are Police Body Cameras Important

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Police body cameras has become more popular in today's society due to an increase in the use of excessive force and misconduct by the police. Citizens in the community are tired of police brutality and police officers getting away with excessive force due to the lack of evidence or police cover up. Police body cameras will benefit police massively by increase transparency and accountability in police departments, reduce dishonesty in incident reports, and reduce the use of force. It will also catch the negligent police in the act which could lead them to quicker punishment. Some disagree with this and think that body cameras will invade the privacy of citizens and make them feel uncomfortable. Police misconduct has become an big issue in today’s …show more content…
Body cameras is a new requirement to the police force due to excessive force and misconduct by the police. There have been many of incidents where police were thought to use wrongful force on an individual, but were not proven guilty because of the lack of evidence and the strict scrutiny law. For example Michael Brown was confronted by officer Darren Wilson of robbing a store. The problem escalated and Michael Brown was shot to death. No one truly knows what happened that day and whether or not excessive force was unnecessary by him being shot 6 times or was it justifiable. With body cameras, there will be visual and audio evidence of an incident and the court will be able to determine if it was an wrongful act. The notion that body camera footage could help exonerate police officers of crimes and improve their reputation in the eyes of the community (Gass). It will also provide officers with a platform for reflection on self-improvement. This has been an issue in society since the 1960’s. This problem affects the police, families, and community, but mostly from the African-American community. The community is the most involved with this because they want a better way for police to handle certain