Why Are Professional Athletes Overpaid

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Professional Athletes Overpaid? Most people think professional athletes are overpaid while others think they are paid just enough or even underpaid. Professional athletes do not get paid too much due to the time, effort and dedication given to the sport as well as having the skill to play professionally. Professional athletes are paid just enough due to how good they are on their team. Professional athletes put in an exceptional amount of effort due to playing pro. The highest level of competition such as professional requires an extra amount of work and time to practice because everyone is practicing up to two hours and the best players practice even longer. Usually each NBA team has around 3 games a week and the day before players have …show more content…
While these people should get paid more, but not as much as athletes because while these workers do have the possibility of losing their life, athletes worked their whole lives to play at the highest level while these other workers just picked it up around high school and decided to follow this career and the stars in professional sports are gifted and talented with a certain skill where being in one of these other careers do not require such a high level of skill or talent. As these athletes practice and put in more hours or time in yearly than these other jobs is another reason why they get paid for some of these athletes are the first ones in the gym and the last ones out, and they do not take holidays off or have vacations they are always working to be better and to continue to perform at this level of play. Just an example, every year these athletes in the NBA play a game on Christmas while these other people are home with their families, while they're playing the sport that pays