Why Are Sports Fans Happier

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One of the greatest joys in life is being a sports fan. From the sensation of sweet victory, to the agony of defeat, there are numerous thrills that come along with the spectacle which is sports fandom. The article, “Are Sports Fans Happier?”, the author, Sid Kirchheimer gives reason as to why sports fans are indeed happier. Sports fans are happier due to lower rates of depression, long term benefits in the workplace, and joy from the thrills of victory. The following states exactly why sports fans are in fact happier. As stated above, there are numerous reasons that sports fans are happier. First, sports fans tend to have lower rates of depression. When a fans team wins, there is a feeling of joy and accomplishment. It is almost as if you won the …show more content…
In conjunction with lowering depression, the happiness of being a sports fan can also benefit the workplace. The workplace can be a joyless place with many stressors. In contrast to the many stressors and frustration in the work place, big time sporting events can be beneficial to the workplace. Happiness in the workplace is very helpful for production. Companies observe more production during sporting events such as March Madness or the Super Bowl. Also, the happiness of sports fans in the workplace inspires teamwork. Sharing of emotions also contributes to sport fan happiness benefiting the workplace. Men sharing tears of joy over a teams victory and no one batting an eye is a great feeling. Aside from lower depression and long term workplace benefits, just the plain thrill of victory accelerates joy. The thrill of the game and victory brings feeling of happiness that is off of the charts. The thrill of victory is a wonderful feeling. Even in defeat, though sports fans may go into a small funk, just watching the game alone is fun and brings joy. Although an overwhelming