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Why are there lines in an organisation chart? Why does a business use them?
In an organisation chart, the reason there are lines is to show the direct relationship between manager and the employees. There are also lines in an organisation as each department is works independently than other departments. The lines of authority in the organisational chart are vertical i.e. from top to bottom. A business uses lines in an organisational chart is to show the authority difference between the manager and employee and to see who has a higher authority.
Tesco has a tall structure because it has lots of people working under them and levels of hierarchy. In a business there need to be a good and accurate amount of communication between functions because there may be tension caused the between employees, although each employee may have different managers they should start to interact with all staff members.
Explain why it is important for functional to work together in a business. Explain the problems if they do not.
It’s important to have a good functional business, because it allows the business to run smoother and have a better functioning company. A level of hierarchy is used in businesses, as there is a smaller span of control; this makes it easier for employees to approach the person above them.
There needs to be good communication between each function because this makes the business more like family. As the employees are likely be working in Tesco, for example for more than a few months, which means that the employees need to get along rather than them coming to work and then there being conflict. As…