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Wheeler, William. “Global water crisis: too little, too much, or lack of a plan?”. csmonitor. The Christian Science Monitor. 2 Dec 2012. Web. 10 Jan 2013. The aspect of Maslow’s hierarchy the topic relates to is physiological. This article breaks down what is predicted to happen in the years to come pertaining to food, water, and even shelter because of water mismanagement, as well as people not understanding the value of water and its effect on multiple aspects of life. My focus is on how the “pessimistic scenarios may be averted” (Wheeler 51) and how the apparent water crisis can adapt with the times and maintain a growing population with proper actions taken to produce positive results. This part of the article is the goal of the writer; it is now time to voice how they feel about the topic at hand after using ethos, logos, and pathos to explain the opposition’s stance. In this section of the article, solutions to the water crisis that can be employed now are being discussed, rather than problems said to occur in the future. By mending the problems stated earlier and the solutions being discussed at this point in the article, the writer creates a stronger appeal to audiences of both sides, and uses logic to connect ideas. When discussing the problem in India for water, Wheeler states how the problems could be relieved agriculturally “with a better mix of what is grown where, accounting for geography, water constraints, and income” (51). This article is cleverly