Why Are We Being Forced To Pay Something That Doesn T Work?

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Why are we being forced to pay something that doesn’t work? Billions of our tax dollars are spent on a wall dividing the U.S and México border going from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas. Which is supposed to prevent immigrants crossing over to United States illegally, but that isn’t stopping them from doing so. There must be another way to prevent immigrants from crossing over illegally rather than making us pay for a wall that isn’t helping at all. The United States built a wall about 700 miles long along the México and U.S 2,000 mile borderline. That is approximately supposed to cost about 65 billion over the next 20 years. But every time someone damages the wall while trying to jump over and cross its cost about 1,300 dollars to repair each time. “Our tax dollars are being wasted on an ineffective, old strategy instead of urgently working on serious, long term, workable immigration reform,” said Jorge Mario Cabrera Valladares of CHIRLA, on the common dreams article. The government should have put a lot of thought into building the wall instead of just jumping right into in to it and building it right away and not realizing if it would really work. Border patrol rep Moran, stated, “No fence is going to stop people who are determined to get into this country. You can’t have a fence with gaps if you want it to be effective.” Immigrants were witnessing this wall being built, and of course while all this was happening they thought of quick ideas of how to cross over the new wall. It is unfair for the state to be making us pay taxes and making us believe this wall was really going to work at keeping us safe and keeping the immigrants from still invading in our country. On Forbes article, “the fence was not a good thing,” Allen said. “We would have liked to see that money put to use for other things because, like I said, I can very easily show you where people walk around it, so why did we spend all that money?” On the NBC news it states, that the custom and border protection spent 2.4 billion dollars between the years of 2006 and 2009 only completing 670 miles of the border fence. That’s a lot of money already being spent in those 3 years. In march, 2011, the custom and border protection estimated it would cost 6.5 billion to deploy, operate and maintain the existing border fencing over an expected of 20 years, says in the New York Times. The fence isn’t charged by the whole fence all together, the border fence is charged by the mile its goes and that is why they haven’t completed all of it, along the borderline some don’t have the double layered fence, and that is where the illegal immigrants are easily crossing over, and smuggling drugs. On Bloomberg BusinessWeek stated on march 2013, The United States border wall would cost an additional about 28 billion dollars a year, they say even with those extra 16 billion dollars added a year, the border wall will not be secured until 2019. By this being said for about 5 to 6 six years the border wall not being completed we will have a lot of immigrants’ crossing over in the time being. That is helping at all we need to make a move now and shouldn’t wait for the border wall to be completed or make it better, by the time it is completed we will have have plenty illegal immigrants here in our country when they are aware of this situation. A nearly 62 percent drop since 2007 of immigrants trying to cross to the united states, in 2007 about 856,638 people attempted to cross the border, and in 2011 327,577 immigrants tried crossing, stated Carolina Moreno on the huffpost article. The government should pay for the border wall and when it is done and complete, proving and showing us it defiantly works, having a dramatic decrease in immigrants. Then we would gladly pay from