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My goals at the moment are very simple. As of right now, I am striving to continue to make all A's, as well as to become the valedictorian of my class. Also, I plan to get as many scholarships as possible so that my parents will not have to try to find the money to pay for tuition. This scholarship gives me motivation to want to excel in my future endeavors in college. When I graduate, I will be attending Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS and become a four-year undergraduate student. While attending MSU I plan to major in electronic engineering and complete an internship preferably with a successful company. During my four years in undergraduate school, I plan to continue to keep my grades up as I did in high school. I might consider having a minor in architecture. After I graduate, I am going to attend graduate school and hopefully complete an internship with a company that is looking to give me a job.
I have the desire to attend MSU because of their tremendous engineering program. MSU’s Bagley College of Engineering is ranked 34th nationwide. I want the best chance of succeeding that I can possibly get. Only 9 percent of American engineers are women. The low numbers of women practicing in the engineering profession can be discouraging, but I am very motivated and determined that I can do. I also want to attend MSU specifically because of its beautifully landscaped campus which is still constantly in the process of growing and modernizing. MSU is also nestled in the middle of a buzzing college town with no shortage of places to shop or diners to dive into. The college is more spread out than some, so walking can be tough at times, but MSU also has a multi-route bus transit system, is bike-friendly, and has a fair amount of parking space. My top priorities