Why Battlefield is better than Call of Duty Essay

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Battlefield 4 Against Call of Duty Ghosts

“Frostbite 3 engine and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty Ghosts to shame.” For many people Call of Duty Ghosts is preferred in numerous ways but despite what Call of Duty lovers, may believe , Battlefield 4 has better multiplayer gameplay, hardcore campaign and a variety of game modes. Many games have their pros and cons but Battlefield 4 has only pros.

In the first place, the multiplayer gameplay for Battlefield 4 is realistic. For example, when a car hits the water, the water splashes. When you shoot rockets at walls the wall gets demolished. That means there’s lots of terrain effects. The game is entertaining, when you're playing you get to drive vehicles, air and land all over the maps. As well as, all bigger maps and different classes of playing. For example recon, assault, engineer, support, all of them have unique attributes. There is a further supply of weaponry such as instead of a knife you can play with a machete or a shank or different types of snipers, assault rifles and submachine guns.You can also customize your guns by adding camouflage,laser sight, flashlights, and more. When you're playing in multiplayer you can turn features on and off. The variety of features the game offers, helps the player be who he wants to be.

Second, the campaign is hardcore by virtue of the graphics and hardware but because they keep you intuned . You’re probably wondering how, well the missions are shorter but the amount of time taken to play is longer because there is additional things to do. So you never get sick and tired of playing . Another point that could be debatable is that the stories (campaign) don't connect. Although it would be cooler if they connected, it saves you money or time ( if you choose to watch it online). So everytime I start a new game it is always different and in a different setting. Lastly it is an experience you never adapted to before. You get to parachute of Bridges, Boats, Planes, and Towers. As well as exploding bridges and lots of teamwork. At the end you get to choose how to end it.