Why Britain Decides To Abdicate The Mandate Of Palestine

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Why Britain decides to abdicate the Mandate of Palestine.
1. The British found it almost impossible to find a solution to the problem (e.g. the Peel Report and the White Paper). These two reports showing different solutions demonstrate that Britain was unsure as to what to do.
2. Zionist terrorism during the war, which had killed a number of British representatives (e.g. Lord Moyne in Cairo). This also put pressure on the British to find a solution.
3. As a result of WWII , the British economy was in turmoil as foreign trade had temporarily subsided and a large amount of Britain’s resources had been used during the war (especially oil, for example in tanks).
4. Jewish immigration to Palestine by way of refugee ships and the consequential British refusal of these ships post WWII had been condemned by countries such as the USA, putting ever more pressure on Britain to find a solution to the problem, which was made all the greater by the large numbers of immigrants who were migrating as a result of Nazi persecution from the war.
5. US policy towards Jews changed dramatically as a result of WWII and Nazi persecution, and this become extremely sympathetic towards Jews. This support from the Americans, again put pressure on the British to find a solution.
6. Britain was depending on American support and materials to assist her struggling economy after the war since the USA had emerged as the dominant nation, putting pressure on her to find a solution.
7. Events in Britain