Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Essay

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
Amy Chua
“Hey fatty – lose some weight.” Do you think this sound like a mother who is superior? According to the Western idea of what good parenting includes this would be intolerable, but if you consider this from an Eastern point of view this wouldn’t be wrong or abnormal. In additional it seems that Chinese parents can get away with things that Western parents can’t which alludes to talk about two different child-rearing methods which only has one thing in common – they do what they think is best for the child. Amy Chua is an ardent supporter of the eastern way of bringing up children and exposes some of her parenthood experiences in her article “Why
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Besides logos Amy Chua also uses pathos to appeal to her receivers, but it is essential to recognize that she’s not doing this on purpose. The reason why phatos is represented is this case is caused by the virtuous indignation people get when they read about her manner of upbringing her own children. The major part of Western people feel insulted or else offended and even provoked and hassled because of her statements. With that Amy Chua is able to led the receivers go through an entire chain of emotions and that is caused by pathos. Her way of engage the reader is therefore very cogent because she has her argumentation under control which means that her statements are substantiated. After all is it though difficult to regard her argumentation as reasoned based on her subjective line of approach. But still her rhetorical means has a beneficial effect.
The message is clear – Chinese mothers are superior according to Amy Chua and her opinion is as plain as a pikestaff. Her argumentation will perhaps seems persuasive but it’s important not to disregard the consequences of adopting Amy Chua’s values and methods of upbringing. First of all there is a main difference between the Eastern way of bringing up children which is much more directed by requirements than it is in the Western world where the bringing up is directed by permissions. It’s problematic that Amy Chua refers to the Western parents