Why Choose to Study in the U.S Essay

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I have always dreamed of attending a university in the United States. The thought of having the opportunity to attain a higher education, in a country where knowledge is unlimited, is exciting and unbelievable. Westchester community college has given me this opportunity. Your college provides me with a variety of paths and classes in order to attain a degree in A.S. My main interest is international business and how different countries are able to work together so as to exchange ideas and materials to help the economy and welfare of their own countries. My parents have always encouraged and supported me in my passion of pursing a career in business; they have always tried their best to give a good education to my 15-year-old sister and me. I am a family oriented person and thankful with my parents and my college that are helping me to make my dream come true, I wish I could help my parents paying for my school and paying the bills. As an international student I’ve noticed that studying in another part of the world where the currency worth more than your country make it almost impossible to pay for school, and it would be like paying for two houses.
I liked all of my classes in high school, but I was especially invested in classes such as, economy, accountability, and mathematics for finances. In these particular classes I desired to learn how the specifics techniques of each area of study was relevant to a company's growth and profitability. Furthermore, I have traveled to the United States each summer since I was five years old, due to my yearly and extensive stays I have grown to live in two different environments, especially economies. I have learned how to convert two different currencies, and more importantly, when it is best and at what rates the money should