Why Did Abraham Win The Civil War

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Southern states began to succeed when Abraham won the 1860 election. Southern states believed he would abolish slavery and end their way of life. The first state to succeed was South Carolina on December 20, 1860 followed by Mississippi twenty days later. The last state to succeed was Tennessee on June 8, 1861 completing the Confederacy. In April of 1861, South Carolina ordered that all Union troops evacuate Fort Sumter. On the 11th P.G.T. Beauregard order confederate troops to fire upon the fort. For thirty-four hours the fort was bombarded. The fort did not return fire for the first two hours. Once the battle ended neither side suffered casualties or wounds.
The next major battle was The Battle of Bull Run or The First Battle of Manassas. It was the first major land battle of the Civil War. Beginning on April 12, 1861 McDowell’s forces began by shelling the confederate lines while others crossed at Sudley Ford and advance towards Confederate lines. Beauregard tried to flank the Union’s left line but was not successful. Thomas Jackson tried to hold all of the strong points, which would earn him his nickname Stonewall Jackson. Confederate reinforcements arrived by train and stop Union progress. When James Stuart arrived, he broke Union lines and sending the soldiers retreating. A total of 4,878 soldiers were
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The Confederates overwhelmed the Union forces and pushed them back until they were able to form a defensive line at sunken road. Confederate troops tried several attacks to break Union line but none of the attacks were successes full. Cannon fire raining down on Union lines did allow them to surround the Union forces till they received reinforcements, causing the Confederates to retire from the field. Some 24,000 lives were lost during the battle making it one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil