Why Did America Become A Superpower Essay

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World War I was one of the key factors as to how and why America has become the superpower it is today. Due to the economic boom, the nation’s military growth, and the collapse of other countries after the war, America emerged from the smoke of World War I as a world power, and other countries saw the nation as a force not to be reckoned with. Additionally, other countries saw an immediate change in the war after America stepped in to help the Allies. Moreover, this led America into being a superpower.

First of all, America emerged from World War I with a lot stronger economy. Due to the massive trade with the Allied Powers, America’s economy took off, spiraling the nation into an industrialized nation. According to the textbook, the Allied Powers
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Multiple empires such as Russia, Germany, Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary were collapsing and falling apart after the war, leaving room for America. Germany fell into a deep state of depression after the war, and Europe’s government was in political turmoil following the end of the war. Many countries, especially the Allied Powers excluding America, were in prodigious amounts of debt from war efforts and supplies. As these problems aroused in other countries, America’s government was stable as well as our economy.

In conclusion, World War I changed the world. America was one to benefit from it tremendously. Not only did it launch America into a new stage, but it also changed how other major countries looked at the nation from an imperialistic standpoint. One of the main reasons why America came into the war was because president Woodrow Wilson was wanting a worldwide democracy. Coming out of the war, that goal was achieved. The economic boom, the military increment, and the collapse of four empires were all outcomes of World War I that helped America become the superpower it is